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Flow is a Finnish architectural office with extensive international design and competition experience in Europe, Asia Pacific, North Africa and the Middle East; and a qualified member of the Finnish Architectural Association SAFA. We are a passionate group of architects, interior architects and urban planners, dedicated to providing tailor made designs with every project we take on in the hopes of fulfilling the needs, dreams and goals of our clients and end users. Our designs provide a flair of contemporary elegance and timelessness with a delicate sensitivity towards the environment and its sustainability. We welcome the opportunity of designing projects of all ranges and sizes from both private and public sectors. We are always interested in the design process, in providing a good end result and strive to exceed expectations. We do this by bringing with us our diverse professional expertise and our ability to be attentive and sensitive towards the unique needs and requirements of the client during the entire design process.



what we Do


Flow provides architectural designs in the desired style for private clients and the public sector.

  • villas & cottages
  • housing & civic centers
  • restaurants, cafés & shops
  • hotels, recreational & commercial buildings
  • offices & industry
  • universities, schools & kinder gardens
  • museums, libraries, hospitals, sport centers & stadiums


We provide urban designs & masterplans ranging from small to large scale projects.

  • housing & civic centers
  • business, commercial & recreational districts
  • educational & sport campuses
  • civil defense centers
  • landscapes, parks & botanical gardens



We create interior & renovation designs in the desired style for private, commercial & public clients.

  • private houses, cottages & apartments
  • period houses, apartment buildings & row housing 
  • restaurants, cafés & retail shops
  • hotels, spas & recreational spaces
  • offices, public & educational buildings


Flow is specialized in the design of sustainable and energy efficient building, interior and urban design. We provide the possibility of integrating environmentally friendly strategies in the desired degree as part of the design process starting from the initial concept to the final design.

  • passive strategies (non-mechanical)
  • active strategies (mechanical)


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