Public/Commercial Building Projects

Government & Business district

Flow’s Government & Business district design, 68 900m²

Flow’s new Government & Business district masterplan and architectural design in Tripoli Libya, stretches over an area of 68 900m² and is comprised of mixed sized public and private offices as well as commercial and recreational spaces. The 11 storey high-rise building elevations are simple yet elegant and are surrounded by a web of interconnecting parks and outdoor gathering spaces providing a natural element to the business district.

Bir Ayad 1800 unit Housing & Civic Center

360 ha Bir Ayad 1800 unit Housing & Civic Center design winner

Flow wins large scale 360 ha urban and architectural 1800 unit Housing & Civic Center design located in the desert of Yafran, Libya. The urban plan and architectural design embodies a mixed range of 1-2 storey detached housing complexes, a civic center including public, cultural, religious, commercial, recreational, medical, and educational buildings as well as sport and green areas.

Civil Defense Center & Academy

18,5 ha Civil Defense Center & Academy design winner

Flow wins bid for 18,5 ha Civil Defense Center & Academy masterplan and architectural design in Libya. The site has been sectioned into two main areas in order to enhance safety and circulation within the site. The academy campus is located in the eastern section of the site, it includes educational buildings with an amphitheater, library, lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories and administration. Officers and student mess, entertainment facilities as well as green areas are also provided on site. The campus includes a sport arena, sport hall and diving pool for training purposes. Accommodation on site is provided for officers, staff and local and international students. The western section of the site is reserved for the practical training buildings, arenas, fields, a helicopter pad and clinic.

Hospital, Center & Residential District, 6,3ha, Benghazi, Libya

Flow’s Hospital, Center & Residential District 6,3ha masterplan and architectural design is located in Benghazi the second most populous city in Libya. The design includes hospital buildings, staff residential accommodation; apartment, terraced housing and villas, as well as a center for medical staff and visitors including commercial and recreational facilities.